Autism Consultancy was founded by Charlene, a experienced ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapist, who has been working with children and teenagers in the spectrum for 4 years now. Under the tutelage of a leading Autism Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Charlene has worked with families from all backgrounds and has harnessed her strength in peer-play and school shadowing.

ABA Child Therapy
We have several years experience with children as young as 2 Years old all the way to young adults.
One To One Therapy
Every therapy session we perform is strictly one to one, this allow us to provide full attention to your child.
Fun Learning Experience
Our therapists try to make the learning experience for your child fun and interesting by incorporating various fun tools that will help with the therapy.
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Charlene is a wonderful therapist, We have seen much improvement in our son's behaviour even in the early stages of Charlene's therapy